Shoot! Repair! Survive!

A side scrolling shooter that I constructed for the 9 Day Jam #7: Global Game Jam Edition. The theme this time was "Repair".



This was my first game jam game. I'm pretty proud of what I managed to accomplish with a few nights and evenings over the course of 9 days. Unfortunately I ran out of time to finish all the polish work I would have liked, for example a different art style for the repair mechanic (the green plus signs) would have made that gameplay system more obvious.

The first few days of the game jam were spent learning the bare minimum of Godot, Krita, and LMMS so that I could produce something of value from them. I would like to thank my wife for the speedy Krita overview and for pointing me in the correct direction for some pixel brushes to use.

During this time I was struggling to figure out a game idea that could be implemented within the time allowed, with my current skills, with these various tools. Eventually I game up with the idea to reimplement and add a repair mechanic to Not Geometry Wars which allowed me to focus on the new skills I was trying to develop and executing on the design with as much speed as I could muster.

I ended up without enough time to implement many good sound effects or any music tracks. Thankfully my wife was able and willing to chip in some of her art skills, she constructed the excellent little explosion animation that the enemy 'bombs' have among other things.

How to Play

  1. Download zip for appropriate platform
  2. Unzip
  3. Run the included *.exe or *.x86_64


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