Not Geometry Wars

A side scrolling shape shooter inspired by the arcade mode of Star Wars: Flight of the Falcon.



I originally built this back in 2011 and compiled it to a single jar which could be launched with java -jar NotGeometryWars.jar. Unfortunately I had only included the native libraries for Windows since I had very little experience with other operating systems.

In 2019 I decompiled the last version I could find and worked on getting a cross platform release built.


I built this game in Java using some OpenGL and LWJGL. Utilizing some grid-paper the font was designed and implemented in code as a manually stroked font since at the time I didn't want to deal with figuring out how to load and render fonts with OpenGL.

Unfortunately one of the hardest parts of programming and design is naming things; this project suffers from that. I had heard of something called 'Geometry Wars' when I was naming this project, since this was obviously 'not' Geometry Wars that was what I called it.


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