Top Gear 5000 - A Game Coder [Andrew Bowers]


Top Gear 5000 is a 3D racing game implemented with the Unity game engine. The mechanics and setting are inspired by the Super Nintendo Entertainment System games Top Gear and Top Gear 3000. Along with the main game I built a custom REST service that will allow the game to track race times if the player is logged in. My prior experience in game development includes several games constructed for school and personal projects.

I will be posting more information here in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for development updates, screenshots, and more.

Developer Messages:

October 24, 2013 Well I have finally gotten the initial set of documentation completed. You can view what I have so far here. Any documentation bugs can be reported to .

October 25, 2013 Developer Note 1: I have recently been made aware of Photon Cloud and I am considering using it as my matchmaking and multiplayer service for the game.