Game Dev Challenge 2020

This year, I thought I would try and design one game a month. Unfortunately, I decided this on January 29th, so I only had a couple days to complete my first game.


Despite the tight timeline, I managed to crack out a small asymmetric card game for two players using a standard deck of cards. See Defending Da'Bu Deeps for more info.


This month, I participated in the 9 Day Jam #7 - Global Game Jam Edition. This Jam had 'Repair' as its theme.

I spent the first few days learning some new technologies to build with.

With some help from Anna, my wife, I built a 2D space defense game called Shoot! Repair! Survive!.


The focus for March was learning and executing on level building with a strong focus on the Portal 2 workshop.

Here are the levels I published this month:

  1. Hold That Portal! A hopefully short and sweet puzzle about tertiary portal mechanics.
  2. Fling 'em Turrets A short PSA about flinging and turrents.

Before getting started building puzzle levels in Portal 2, I felt the need to learn more about what makes satisfying puzzle levels and some theories of how to construct such a level. Here are some of the resources I used for this purpose:

My landmark design goals were:

  1. Chamber success state should be obvious
  2. Complications should be added to prevent the solution from being obvious
  3. Keep the test chamber simple
  4. Prime the player for the solution
  5. Playtest and iterate based on feedback


To Be Continued…

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